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Project Description
Filling-in the gaps in Team Foundation Server integration with Microsoft Word.
Includes plugins for Visual Studio and MS Word to compose documents using work-item information and bring edits back to TFS.

Projects Status and Release Notes
Project is under development, most current (and tested) changeset is 86298

In Visual Studio run a work item query, select one or more results, right-click and select "Export Work Items". Then go to MS Word and in the "Team" ribbon tab, at the "Work Items" panel select "Insert". You can also "Refresh" previously inserted work items to get latest changes, and "Publish" to commit to the server the edits you made in the word document.
Conflict detection is implemented so refresh work items in your document will warn you if you have edits that have not been published.
And publish your local edits will not succeed if someone else has changed the work item on the server.

Installation is pretty straightforward in a machine with visual studio installed. Get and build the solution that's all. File .addin is automatically placed in vs addins folder and word addin conveniently registered.
An automatic installer is on the go.

You must place the "Templates" folder in the TeamWriter AppLocal user directory. You can and adapt it to your needs and preferences. All formatting is preserved when inserting the template fragments to target document, with the work item data.
For Windows 7 AppLocal is located at C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\TeamWriter

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